Do companies really need social media profiles?


Nowadays, it is not an easy task to find a business without a Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin fanpage. For most companies, using a social media platform is a must, a thing superior to any other way of communication and solution for every customer related issue. The idea behind being visible on social networks is very simple – since all of our customers or potential clients use them, we must be present there as well.

But is this a real must? Do companies really need social media profiles? I am pretty confident that the answer is no. Don’t listen to anyone who tries to persuade you otherwise, that if your company doesn’t communicate on social media, you are losing a great opportunity. Why? Here are a few reasons why:

1. Be where your target group is

The primary effect of your communication should be reaching your target audience. Even though, social media has more and more older users and they are not just platforms for sharing funny pictures among teenagers anymore, not all demographics use them equally. If you run a retirement house for seniors, being on Instagram would be useless. Try to place your advertisement in good old printed magazines instead.

2. Talk only when you have something interesting to say

Ok, let’s say, you are a chief communications officer in a bank, which have just launched a bank account tailored-made for university students. Without a doubt, your key audience is active on social media. But this doesn’t mean you have to chase them and have a profile on every social network. Don’t expect your target group to engage with your company just because you’re on the same platform. First, you need to be sure you have proper and interesting content to communicate. Posting about products and services is not enough.

3. Figure out what do you want to achieve

So many brands think that having a social media profile means sharing funny memes or silly contests to try to get as many likes or comments as possible. When pursuing this goal, they forget what their primary objectives are. If you own an online shop, getting thousands of likes, but selling nothing means that you are completely on the wrong track. Or if you are aiming to improve customer services, you need to be responsive to complaints as quickly as possible, not posting viral videos from the last company retreat. Only use social media tools, which help you to achieve your set objectives.

Don’t be mistaken, I’m not saying that social media is useless for companies, and building communities of fans is completely worthless. For lovebrands or businesses with a clear content strategy these networks can be great communication tools enabling them to achieve business goals followed by profits. But this doesn’t mean every company should pursue the same idea and stubbornly try to repeat their successful formula. Sometimes it’s just better to admit that your brand isn’t cool enough to be on social media.

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